Thursday, August 12, 2010

ThriftyThursday......The Weapons of a Tightwad

This post is not news to anyone. Most of my blog readers possess great skills on the homemaking front. It's just a gentle reminder of what a blessing this 'counter clutter' can be. O.k. the last item has never sat on my counter.....eewwww.

There are many things you can invest in to help you save money. Small appliances can be your best friend in this area. My beloved hot air popcorn popper has saved me thousands in dollars. Being the mother to former boy scouts, we have overspent on popcorn too many times. I am embarrassed at how much I have spent on one tin of popcorn. I no longer fall into the trap of "it's for a good cause."  I have mended my ways. I only buy my popcorn unpopped and in bulk. I add my own real butter and salt, my mouth is watering as I write this.
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Another appliance that can help you to save money is a bread machine. I won't lie and tell you it works for me, but it does work for some of my friends. The reason this is not economical for our family is because of a little gluttony problem I have.  When I make fresh bread, a demon comes over me and forces me to consume the whole loaf with gobs of butter. I cannot control this. The aroma torments me. The only time we have fresh bread is sometimes when we have company. It forces me to exercise self-control and share it with my guests. I never gorge around company.  Another blissing about fresh baked bread is It makes a a wonderful air freshener, it beats a candle any day.
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My coffee pot. I have spoken of this before at length. If  you have financial goals that are not being met, perhaps this is your stumbling block. Buying coffee at a coffee shop is a budget buster. This practice of bringing your own is common sense, even though is is not cool. I do splurge once a month at my homeschool support group meeting. I can justify that. They put lovely chocolate and whipped cream on top of my cup of Cocoa or mocha. It could almost be called dinner. If you missed my recipe for homemade coolattas, summer is here, try one of these.
Gevalia® Stainless Steel 12-Cup
My crock pot. This is not necessarily a money saver, but it sure is a huge time saver. I can prepare a whole dinner in a matter of minutes using this weapon. It is such a blessing to arrive home on a Sunday afternoon to a roast dinner. It is also a nice way to cook pasta sauce all day.  Another thing about crock pots, they can often be found at yard sales, the local dump or "swap shop". I own several in different sizes. These come in handy when I'm serving large crowds.
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Rug cleaner. I have finally invested in this. Thankfully, my BFF had loaned me hers for the past few months. I have become addicted to cleaning carpets. It is so gratifying to see a disgusting rug, transformed into a clean, make you want to sit on the floor kind of rug. This beats paying a professional or renting a machine. Below is the actual photo of my new cleaner. The latest object of my appliance worship.
Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900

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Unknown said...

thanks for your insight. i have most of those tools....i need to look into a popcorn popper though! i found your blog on the hip homeschool hop and am your newest follower :)