Thursday, July 8, 2010

Judging a person by the contents of their bags

I received the book Travel Kits from the Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I will be posting a review of this eBook in a few weeks. At first glance, I thought it was something I could easily campare to instructions for filling one of my bags. 

I am a confessed bag lady. Not the kind that pushes a shopping cart around town, collecting things. I'm the type that likes to use a tote bag for everything. This is genetic, my mom loved bags more than I, she has given me most of her cast-offs my totes. Some of my current bags contain the following:
  • Art books and supplies for God and the History of Art
  • Easy reader books for Little Guy
  • Feingold information: food lists, recipes and newsletters
  • Homeschool support group stuff: papers, dvds and books
  • History books borrowed from Lizzie B.
  • Church toys: small quiet toys for little guy
  • Beach toys: goggles, flippers sand toys and bubbles
  • Sunday school bag: books, sheets, music, snacks
  • Bible study bag: Bibles, books, pens
  • Grocery shopping bag: scissors, uncut coupons, flyers and my precious coupon box
  • My library book bag, which at times can be 2 bags
  • Schoolwork that Random and Paperboy may finish before summer ends
Owning so many bags doesn't mean that I can remember to bring all of my nifty shopping bags to the grocery store. Empty bags mean nothing to me. Our local Stop and Shop even takes money off your bill for each bag you bring in when you shop.

Now that I have a chance to reread Travel Kits, I have realized it is so much more than my bag obsession. This 93 page eBook is full of surprises. Look for an upcoming post in two weeks.

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Lizzie said...

You are too funny lady. I love the way you write.

Unknown said...

I love tote bags too! You sound just like me.

ssmurray5 said...

One can never have too many tote bags. I usually forget to bring the empty ones to the grocery store too! It kills me to miss out on that 5 cent refund!!

Heidi said...

I'm curious where you keep/store all these packed bags. I love totebags too, but I always have to empty mine to stuff them in a closet somewhere (and we have a lack of closet space around here!)

Lori Watson said...

I have too many bags too. I bought Larissa this super bag for her graduation and now I want it. I borrowed it today without asking (!) and it fits my netbook, five books, two oversized spiral bound books, and my organizer. I'm in love.

You scared me with that first sentence though. I was thinking, "Nooooooo, don't post earrlllyyy." But no worries, you got it together. Should never have worried!

Lori Watson said...

PS I like those reaction tag thingies. Where'd you get 'em? I also want to find the Comment Luv version for Blogger but haven't had a chance yet. So much I want to do, so little time!

TerriG said...

@ Heidi......13 closets, the basement, the corners of the livingroom, diningroom and of course the car. Married one and birthed 4 strong males to carry these totes.

@Lori the reactions is a google gadget. I am wondering if I can change the choices, they were pre-made. It is of me to think my posts interesting.