Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.....Yesterday's Money Pit

A few months ago, I whined about another accident in this post. This post falls in the category of  'so that's how they do that!' This was something I felt we should leave to the experts, like orthodontics.

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Tifani said...

How did you like using the collage feature? Was it hard?

TerriG said...

It was simple. You chose the pictures, background color remove the ones that you don't want and shuffle until you like it. I only wish I could format my blog for a larger picture.
I will be using this feature now for my own pictures. There are many different collage options. BTW, I am using the free version.

Hen Jen said...

cool collage! I've been wanting to learn to do these, I'll have to try this, it's gotta be easier than elements.