Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's Chatter and Prayer Warriors

I hope all you Moms enjoyed the pampering that Mother's Day brought. If it didn't bring any pampering, that's what Mastercard is for. Actually, I am kidding on that one. Who is the master when one is burdened in credit card debt? But seriously, my Mother's Day was very lovely. How lovely was it? Glad you asked. 
It started out with my favorite 3-6 year-olds in Sunday School. I love this crew and the secret to why they are so lovable is because they are mostly boys. Now it feels like home with the same ratio of 5 guys to every one girl. We made up a Mother's Day song to the tune of Awesome God. I told the little kids to sing it for their Mommas. They made a cute, non-messy photo frame for their Moms and they helped me decorate my bonnet for the bonnet contest in church. Yes, I do attend Victory Chapel or my favorite nick name, the First Church of the Over Achievers. We have a competitive streak to us, but all in a loving Christ-like way, unless we are playing volleyball or baseball or any sport that involves a ball, throwing or people. No, I didn't win the bonnet contest but the kids enjoyed helping me.

Then we finally picked out our gas grill purchase of the decade. Tonight, I fire it up with some sirloin tips. While I had my first nap Daddy and Little Guy picked it up. So I napped and rested enough to have a sore back. Now that is some serious rest. 

For dinner we had lovely takeout from an awesome local seafood restaurant. With little guy on Feingold and Teenagers that inhale food, we went the thrifty way. The fried scallops were so sweet, I am drooling on my keypad. 

I was showered with adult chocolate, flowers and a lovely azalea topiary plant. My sons made me cards and even a sweet boy from church gave me one. Oh the love! 

Back to the grind, Mother's Day has passed and life rolls on. 

Many of my friends and myself have been recently pressed by God to kick up our prayer life a few notches. The longer I serve God, the more I feel convicted in this area. I guess I have finally realized that I can't fix or control anything.

Urgent prayer requests  My Dad's wife, Eunice, has just received her last dose of chemotherapy. This one has really hit her hard. I spoke with her yesterday, although she is doing an amazing job with her attitude, she just feels rotten. Please pray for a recovery from the horrible side effects. She has some other health problems too. She hasn't felt normal  for months. Let's lift her up in prayer, and I will keep you posted on her health. 

Another one from Becky : Hello Terri and all who read her blog,
             I have an urgent prayer request from Malissa C. She would appreciate anyone who can lift her brother Christian up in prayer this morning. He has had a brain aneurysm and will be having dangerous surgery to stop the bleeding. Please ask God to help him. Much thanks, Becky.

I am sure so many others who need a miracle come to mind. There are spiritually lost loved ones, sickness, financial pressures and  missionaries who need us to mind the gap. 

~Prayerfully yours,
Terri G.

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