Monday, May 17, 2010

In case you were wondering what I am dealing with...

I haven't whined blogged about being surrounded by males lately. 

Do you notice my over-sized blog button below? The one of the adorable boy climbing out of a bookcase? Yes, that cutie. Well he's my littlest guy, who recently turned six. He's ready to solve the energy crisis, get a job, fix the financial crisis and promote world peace. I can prove it.

Little Guy's latest hobby is the acquisition and counting of money. He has been counterfeiting creating his own, finding it on the floor of my van, and discussing it non-stop.  I am quizzed in the middle of church service:

"Is there such thing as a two-dollar bill?"

"Whose picture is on the fifty-dollar bill?"

"I don't know, I have never had a fifty. Ask Daddy, he has tons"

He had received some birthday bucks and has been offering to do some 'money jobs' around the house. Money jobs are the jobs that are above and beyond chores. Like picking dandelions. Mom was paying him for each one he picked. So I underestimated the amount of dandelions and my son's business sense. He had counted out in piles of 10, 186 of these pesky weeds. He proudly reports how he was able to pick so many. 

"I picked them from the neighbor's yard."

I decided that was the last 2 bucks I would hand out for this job. Now, we break into the Word of God. If a man won't work, he shall not eat. The money jobs are diminishing.

Unfortunately, this is not building his savings fast enough. At breakfast last week he piped up,"I wish I could sell papers like Matty Paper Boy. Then, I'd be rich." I told him, "You would be wonderful at it because you're so friendly!" He replied, "Yeah, I would, I never beat up grown-ups." 

Gee son, thanks for not beating up grown-ups and embarrassing me.
So like who do you beat up??


Same morning, same boy.  I had to run back in the house to get my coffee and his jacket. When I came out to the car, Little Guy was huddling at the tailpipe in the exhaust fumes. This is where mommy yells and doesn't care if or what God or the neighbors hear. After my spiel of carbon dioxide poisoning blah, blah, blah in which I really meant to say carbon monoxide, I let him get a word in. 

"But Mom. I was just getting warm."


Hopefully the law of first mention and Mommy's crazy yelling will convince him to never try that one again.

I have figured out one thing about parenting in my twenty-five years at it. 

I still have have not seen it all

Maybe two.

I don't want to.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like Little Guy is turning out to be a financial wizzard! : ) I like the new format of your page.