Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am listening to...

I have been spending time listening to old homeschooling workshop cassette tapes from Masshope. I am thankful my van has a tape player. Each ride, I feel like I get a little shot in the arm of encouragement. I don't always agree doctrinally with the speakers, but I admire them. They are the true pioneers in the homeschooling movement. They are deeply committed to strengthening the family. I feel as if I can't hear enough of them now. Maybe because I have finally transitioned from being committed for the year to being committed for the duration. I know it sounds weird for a homeschool support group leader to say that. I had always admired those who knew they were going to homeschool before they even had kids. I being the accidental homeschooler, am in awe at these parents. Random, my 12 year old asked me if there was such thing as home high? What do you mean son? He really had no idea there was an option to be homeschooled through high school. Wow, I guess we had never shared our vision beyond making it through each school year. I let him know that his brother was going to be in high school at home next year. I also told him he could apply for enrollment and perhaps we will accept him into our elite home high(just kidding). 

School House Expo
These 11 year-old cassettes led me to cave in and sign up for the Homeschool Expo from the Old Schoolhouse. They are offering mp3s from a variety of speakers and free downloads. I hope to hear more of these workshops, if I can figure out how to load it on my iPod. If not my computer will have to do. One very appealing bonus to sign up for the expo was it included a guide to writing comic strips which my boys will love. 

About the expo, I won't really be there because like my commitment to homeschooling, I waited too long to decide. I'll be listening to the workshops after the fact. If you are interested there is an incentive to sign up by midnight Tuesday.

I welcome reader comments with open arms. I also understand if you aren't the commenting or hugging type of person, you can drop me an email at accidentallyhomeschooling@gmail.com.


Lori Watson said...

Hmm...I wish I knew of a way to swap my live ticket with you. I won't be home to listen to many of the workshops live (hello, park day!) especially the ones I am most interested in! I may be able to catch one or two but I'll be downloading after the fact as well. If you figure out how to get them in your iPod,let me know.

I have the Elijah Co. tape set (somewhere) and Mary Hood's Relaxed Homeschooling but I have no tape player. Yet, I haven't yet been able to part with them because they are so good. Silly, I know.

Lori Watson said...

That sounded funny, like I don't know you are also at park day! I also have a hair appointment and writer's group tomorrow. And park day and music practice Thursday. I'm going to go be quiet now.