Friday, April 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday......more tightwad thoughts

I wanted to stay on topic this Thursday and blog about thrift. Yesterday, when I found out it was April Fool's Day, I had to go with it. No, there isn't an application that translates animal speech. I am sorry to disappoint you. 

I know it's Friday, but it's my blog and I can do whatever I feel like. I am skipping 5QF this week and posting Thrifty Thankful Thursday's post.
I have been feeling so thankful, and I have been pondering this all week. It started on Monday with my friend, the Bible answer woman. We were discussing how awesome God is. It seemed everywhere I turned, there was a blessing or help that I needed.  Tuesday, I won a cool gift, o.k. I'll stop bragging. Wednesday, I was without power all day and I had a few experiences that pondered me to continue to thank God.

  • I walked across the street to check if the neighbor had electricity. As I looked back at my house from my neighbors porch, it finally dawned on me. What a pretty house I live in. I know that sounds silly, but I had, in the past year, started to despise this money pit, it's location and it's mortgage. As I looked across the street at it, I gained a fresh appreciation for it. I am grateful to have a home, things are greening up around here and I am delivered from a spirit of ingratitude.
  • I called one of our town libraries to check their hours, I had to go somewhere with heat and power. I told the librarian about my predicament. She set up the boys and I with tables to work on, a computer to use and even turned on the space heater. She also help me to order the science book we were looking for.
  • I went grocery shopping with the coupons, that were supplied from my father and my step mom. My bill went down from $137 to $54. My thrifty shopping trip was facilitated by others who love me. They save, cut, and mail me coupons. It's like they send me envelopes of money.
  • On my shopping trip, of course, I forgot things. I was so busy planning my ham dinner and soup, I forgot about dinner. My sweet husband, who always calls to see if we need anything, picked up the forgotten items. That's something to be thankful for. Now for the three men who read this blog, that is one way to win brownie points with your wife. If you don't have one, save that important information for later on.
  • While I was cooking dinner, the man in the big brown truck pulled up. For the first time in weeks, it wasn't supplies for Gman's work. He had a cooler full of food from Omaha Steaks for me. Now this was a thought that swirled in my mind earlier. I have never tasted an Omaha Steak, boy would that be a treat. My mouth is watering thinking about the delectable goodies in my freezer. It came from a dear friend at church. The receipt said, "God Bless". Wow! I had Gman drive that night so I could drool over the recipe book included. It was manna from Heaven.
This is what is in my freezer right now.

But it does lead back to thrift.

Now when I am thankful for the blessings that I have, I am thrifty. I am not trying to acquire something to make things better, improve my situation or try another quick fix. I am not looking at my friends and coveting their cars, clothes, houses, books or well-behaved children. Or in the words of BennyG, "Let's go covet some oxen." I have been known to stare at Omaha Steak ads for longer than I would like to admit. 

When I am thankful, I find myself hugging my kids more, being more gracious. When I am consumed with a thankful heart, my desires are diminished. I am less distracted by the externals. I am following His plan for me. It is not a gospel of prosperity, it is a gospel of peace. Peace in my heart and contentment. I am focusing on the necessities of life, not the bling, bling. Besides, I'll get my bling, bling in Heaven. It's in the Bible. 

Today is "Good Friday." 
Let's think about what is good. 
It may just be the lobotomy the doctor ordered.
I know I feel great after mine!

Have a great weekend,

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