Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Random Things About Me

1. My first car was a silver blue Volkswagen fastback. I actually had 2 of them, they cost $100 each. One for spare parts. The driver's seat back was held up by a milk crate. I can blame my poor posture on this.

2. I am insanely competitive, I don't even let my kids win in board games. I am also disappointed that no one in my house loves Scrabble. That's one thing I miss about Statue Man leaving home.

3. I am a radio contest junkie, I have won some crazy things. A computer desk, a box of cigars, restaurant gift certificates, jewelry, tickets to shows, flowers and even $101.00. Redial is my best friend. I won my first blog giveaway from Lori at Hearthside homeschool reviews. My most recent win was from My little Life.

4. The most radical change in my life was the day I became a Christian. June 13, 1986, I remember it as if it was yesterday.

5. I dropped out of Nursing School. I loved college, if it weren't for the patients, I would have made a great nurse. The truth is: I was only 19 and very immature. When I met my first patient, I cried.

6. I like going to thrift shops but I hate all day shopping excursions.

7. I interviewed my mother in the weeks before she died. Now I remember so many things that I wished I had asked her.

8. I used to lose my voice every Saturday cheering at my son's basketball games. I have the potential to be an obnoxious fan.

9. Some of the jobs I have held are Avon Lady, taxi dispatcher, food demonstrator, newspaper collator, preschool teacher and bookkeeper. Did you notice I did not say love?

10. I am forever on a quest to find shoes that are comfortable and pretty. Comfortable takes priority. This shoe fetish is genetic, I can prove it scientifically. My oldest son is a sneakerologist.

Thank you to Linds for these kind awards.

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