Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little audience participation please...

Remember those comedians that would start jokes with "my dog is so stupid?" And the audience would yell "How stupid is he?" There is something to note about this. They said "He". They assumed the stupid one is a male. Now, this is not the male bashing blog you may be expecting. In fact, this is the blog where we all answer the burning question of the hour. First I have to tell you something.

Last night Bible answer woman, told me how sweet my husband is. I quickly tried to bump him of his pedestal and crack a joke about his true motives for being so wonderful. We had a good chuckle at his expense. But, I have to admit, she is right. My husband is so sweet.

Here's your part:

"How sweet is he?" Notice we said "He".

Good. This is a Christian Right Wing Blog with Male/Female couples.

He is so sweet, let me tell you what he does. But first a little background.

This week is an unusually hectic week for our family. Notice no blogs. Our church is hosting a Bible Conference. This is where families and missionaries all gather at our church for some of the finest preaching and teaching around. Now, I have been busy working on my 'stuff' for our Children's workshop and trying to get our house into a non-embarrassing company is coming state. We are hosting a family and I can't ask them to wait out on the lawn all week.

Back to my sweet husband.

He is so sweet, on Sunday afternoon, he grocery shopped for me without my involvement. He took my van and my coupon box and bought the food we would need for the week. I thought he was only getting cream and bread. Now some may be saying to themselves, big deal. This is a huge deal. He not only shopped, but he sensibly shopped. There were no convenience foods or Twinkies bought. He bought only what was needed. He also saved 30% at the store with sales and coupons.

This morning while getting ready for our day the worship of Gman began. What a pleasure it was to find the things I needed. I don't know if I have ever mentioned how much I dislike grocery shopping. 

Why do I feel so strongly about this?

This is the chore that never goes away. Like dirty dishes, the need to do this just reappears every few hours. 

I'll never forget the week one of my children had pneumonia. It was too cold to leave the house. I tried this service called PeaPod. This is where you order your groceries online and they deliver them to your home. The nice man actually put the bags on your counters. I resisted the urge to hug this stranger. Now if I weren't such a tightwad, I would do this every week. The only thing stopping me is the $10 delivery fee. Hey, now that I think about this, only $10. But I have Gman, who needs Peapod?

Gman really shines in this area. He calls me on his way home all the time to ask me if I need anything. This helps me to avoid grocery shopping, and cut it down to once a week.

Now, this is where you come in.

How sweet is your husband? Or wife? I now know there are male bloggers out there. How about if you are single, what would the man of your dreams do that would make you smile. Maybe just hold a job, pick up the check at a restaurant or perhaps vacuum your car for you. The possibilities for sweetness are endless.

Leave a comment but remember, this is a family blog. Also, if you can't think of anything, make it up. If you don't, I may start to worry about you and your beloved.

Thanks for stopping by,

I welcome reader comments with open arms. I also understand if you aren't the commenting or hugging type of person, you can drop me an email at accidentallyhomeschooling@gmail.com.


Judy said...

Being the "single" blogger here - the man of my dreams would LOVE our Lord Jesus first and then I would think that he could possibly be a man that would be have a gentle heart full of Love and patience that would allow our relationship to blossom :-)
Soooo, Being the loving and patient man of my dreams - when I am having my *difficult* days and I might seem like I am *out of control* The man of my dreams would love me no matter what - He would never yell at me (even if I'm yelling LOL) He would Pray with me ...walk out of the house and come back with a flower in his hand and give me a kiss and tell me it will be alright and that although he can't physically *feel* what my body is feeling like...he can hug me and try to understand. He would also have to LOVE my child as much as I do and LOVE animals as much as we do and be a person who picks up after himself.
WOW....wake me up from my DREAM Lord Jesus !!!!!!

Unknown said...

How sweet is my husband? In my estimation he passes the test with an A+!! Not many husbands would welcome their in-laws to live with them and help care for them in their old age. I can't think of any sacrifice that is greater, except laying down his life, which in a way he does daily. I could also mention that he frequently does the dishes, laundry and shopping after coming home from working two jobs, but in comparison, these are nothing.
I am truly blessed to have him as my husband.

Twisted Cinderella said...

My husband is so sweet. When I told him how difficult on my Autistic daughter and I it was to delay homeschool until after my 20 month old went to bed (we can't concentrate if she is up), he offered to start taking her outside and doing his best to keep her busy while we do school.

Lori Watson said...

My husband is so sweet that I may just have to write an entire blog post about it, linking back to you of course. I know I do NOT in any way deserve such a wonderful guy and it's only by God's grace that he put us together and somehow convinced this great Christian man to fall for crazy ole' me- and still be crazy about me twenty years later. He appreciates everything I do without nagging if things get left undone. He makes me sit down and "play" on the weekends when I get too caught up in getting everything done. He laughs at all my idiosyncrasies. He pumps gas for me. He leads our home without squashing my independence. I'm actually getting a little teary thinking of just how sweet he is. Yup, may just have to turn this into a post! Thanks for the inspiration. I love having you in my bloggy world!

Laurie said...

I also have a sweet hubby! :) He is my grocery fairy (yes, he does most of the shopping). My groceries magically appear each Saturday morning before I am even up. He is also kind, patient, caring and willing to sacrifice pretty much anything for his family. If he weren't the grumpiest guy ever when he gets tired, he'd be practically perfect in every way. ;) We have been married almost 30 years and thankful every day to have this man as my husband.

LarryG said...

well... your Best Friend feller was smart enough to hook up with you TerriG - So he must be a special guy.
Did he tag you with the G or is that your own thing?
Just wondering since my initial is G
so you and I have something in common with Kenny -
G-Whiz :)

beachrose said...

How sweet is my husband... he attempts to listen even when I've talked so long his eyes are glazing over.
He will never get me (and I will never get him) but he's never stopped trying.

He loves me... enough said.

Lizzie said...

My beloved is the best. A family man, a man of God, an all around great guy. Not perfect mind you, not that any of us are, but close enough for me.