Sunday, April 25, 2010

Homeschool Mythbuster #2 The Denim Jumper Crowd

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There are some people who think all homeschool mothers are frumpy, wear denim jumpers and head coverings. Before I became a homeschooling parent, I had a weird notion of homeschooling families. It had nothing to do with their clothing, it was the amount of their offspring, I had envisioned incorrectly. Now before I bust this myth, I must admit at times, I have seen women in my home schooling circle of friends that may do one of these three things.

In fact, I am very guilty of one of them.

I have to admit that I am one who is commonly seen with a head covering. No, it is not one of those colorful napkins gently residing on my long hair. My head covering of choice is a Boston Red Sox hat. I have this hat on because it is hiding my hair that I have not had time to wash. By the time our school day was starting, I had not made it to the shower. It never fails, I realize it is time to leave our home in the boonies and face the public. Oh no, no time to wash my hair. Hence a cap.

Now about the denim jumper crew. That is a total myth. Perhaps because in the late 1980's and early 90's the homeschooling movement became popular. Denim jumpers were also popular at that time. In fact, I used to own one from Old Navy that really was beautiful and flattering. In the 90's, I did not consider homeschooling and my denim jumper was very stylish, but that was before 3 additional kids. Which leads to frumpy. Well, that is getting too personal.

I did a scientific study of my homeschooling peers. Here I present the truths I discovered out about the women who dare to stay home and teach their own.

They have hip hair styles. 

They wear pretty blouses and have more great hair.  
A side note:
They are readers of great publications.

If they must wear denim.  They can be seen in nice heels.

They are very cool.

They know how to coordinate their clothes.
Notice the matching flip flops.

How about this adorable couple Christopher and Alyssa, bedecked in orange? This is their first year homeschooling and they have definitely brought some style into the home school community.

Speaking of orange, here is another fashionista from the home school conference. This beautiful lady is not only a homeschool mom, she also has enough brain cells left to develop curriculum. This is Dari Mullins, who I shamelessly stalked at the convention. She has co-authored  Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country, which I plan on looking at when my brain stops spinning from this conference. I just found out she is a mom to teenagers, her likability and credibility has increased. 

She was so kind to give me some blogging 
and social networking advice. 
This socially-delayed blogging girl appreciates that and hopes to meet up with her again.

Back to this myth about frumpy homeschoolers. It is absolutely false. Now this weekend at the conference, I did see a lot of gingham dresses, but my scientific study only produced about 7 actual denim jumpers. Now I don't know the exact number of attendees to the conference, but it was at least a thousand. That is actually less than one percent of the homeschooling moms in attendance. I did not notice one father wearing a denim jumper either.

Now for the reader quiz...which one is the real home schooler?

With the rise of home schooling, the diversity of the crowd was encouraging. Especially for those of us who live out here on this peninsula, it is a rare event to mix with the rest of the world. I'll be posting more musings about the convention. I am still in absorption mode.

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Anonymous said...

Love the post - made me laugh!
As a homeschooling mom, I don't think I even own a jumper - I can be seen wearing skirts and flip flops when the whether gets warmer, and some of those maybe denim.............but so not a jumper.

Christine said...

Very funny post! I have never owned a demim jumper in my life and I don't intend to. =) Looks like a great time at the conference.