Monday, April 19, 2010

The food police have a new weapon! Another give-away...

The food police have a new weapon! Since I have been on the force for a while, I always like it when I find a new product to help me in my ongoing battle against the evils of high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. You can win one of these weapons from Heidi a home school blogger, if you follow the directions very carefully.

Most of my close buds know about my favorite diet. No, it isn't a weight loss diet. I have given up on those silly things. I just keep company with pregnant women and put on 3-inch heels for my rapid weight loss program. 

I follow the Feingold diet and I am pleased with the effects on myself and my son. When you live without artificial flavors and colors, fun things in life can be challenging. Like ordering a soda. Most sodas contain high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. This has a trampoline effect on my youngest. He bounces of the walls, chairs or any surfaces within arms distance. I have proof. My brother was able to pick him out of the crowd on television at Fenway Park after 2 Sprites. 

Reviews & ReflectionsI am hoping to win this SodaStream from Heidi @Reviews & Reflections

I am dreaming of creating my own healthy fizzy creations the next time we order pizza. Everyone knows you have to have soda with pizza. Our pizza nights have been incomplete for too long.
Check out this contest. I won a great gift a few weeks ago for my BFF's little girl. These blog contests are real.

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Heidi said...

Thank you for posting about my fun contest. The SodaStream really is fun and I'm impressed that the mixes don't contain high fructose corn syrup. I'm wondering too - haven't searched it yet - if maybe you couldn't create your own mixes. Surely someone has experimented! Good luck!

Linds said...

I hate high fructose corn syrup and am slowly weaning it away from our diet (it's in more than I realized!). But I am with you on needing a soda with pizza-- I always have to have a cold coke with mine!

TerriG said...

Heidi: I think this could work well with Welch's juice concentrates. After I win, I plan on making some grape soda. If I don't win, I'll make grape juice.