Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's in the Word?

This morning, we will be headed over to the Word Bookstore for a bible study. Now 10 years ago, I would have thought, why? I mean, like I already know a lot about the Bible. Aren't Bible studies for Christian nerds? Or women who get together because they have a free nursery. I thought, I already go to church enough and I already read my bible. 

Now, I have a different take on these things. This study is going to be on the end times. If you have read my post of my conversion to Christ, you will know that even though I hate scary movies, that was the instrument God used as a cattle prod, to steer me to his Word. (no pun intended) I feel like I am sheltered in my little home school world with my awesome godly women friends, why do I want to know about the future calamities? Do I have to know about the ugly things going on? I don't need to dwell on them, but I need to be aware in the light of the Word of God, what is really going on. I need to dwell on the hope. I need my heart stirred for those who have no hope.

Continually, in the Bible we are encouraged not to be ignorant. We are living in some perilous times with our financial system, our cultural upheaval and the state of our families. I won't ignore it any longer. I actually received  my first book to review called Popes & Bankers- A cultural history of credit & debt, from Aristotle to AIG by Jack Cashill. O.K. is Cash ill his real name? Oh sorry another a.d.d. moment. It will be neat to see if any of this applies to our Bible study. On a side note, maybe I can dazzle Gman with my new found financial knowledge.

I am not planning on a doctrinal discussion here on my blog. 
That is reserved for the serious crowd. 
Everyone knows how serious I am not. 
Besides, I type too slow.

I know a lot of men folk who really enjoy discussions on the End Times. I always thought of it as a guy topic. Yes, I am very sexist in my opinions. When we women gather, we have much more entertaining things to prattle on about. Food, family, curriculum, new outfits, books, the best deals and other "vain janglings" are discussed. So I will dare to cross my invisible line in the sand and see what all the guys are talking about. I am sure the boys will love it. Don't worry, I won't be storing up food or walking around in a white robe preaching the end is near. But I am excited to dig into the Word and see what God has to say about all of this.

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