Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday.....another blessing about waiting.

Remember that tip about thrift from last week ? It works. Gman really wanted to take the boys skiing and I, being the Dave Ramsey groupie that I am, wasn't too excited about it. Skiing was in the budget when Statue Man was an only child. Now it costs more than the price of a used car for one day with my family. Being the super excellent wife for a few moments a week ago, I dutifully researched deals on the internet and we had a plan. Gman and the older boys would go for 2 days and it would only set us back $471, not including food. I grumbled, but it was going to be o.k. Divine Intervention...................God heard my submissive pretending. The plan to ski Wachusetts wasn't going to work. It kept raining....oh so sorry Honey. I Really want you to go. I was o.k. with myself not going out in the cold. Yes, no pride here, I am a wimp. These days, I am not too crazy about the cold. Winter sports have no appeal to me. I didn't even follow the Olympics. My fire tending job this winter has gotten me accustomed to 78 degrees. On Saturday, I found out about a home school ski trip planned at Crotched Mountain for today. This was such a nice deal $19 for the kids and $29 for the adults. All of a sudden I remembered how much I love to ski. What cold? The cold doesn't bother me one bit. I will ignore the throbbing knee from last weeks fall on my face at the ice rink. You don't really use your kneecap to ski. I was all for it. The lift ticket, the rentals, the lesson and lunch for my whole family for a total of$115. This was a deal. I told Gman about and he was a little hesitant."Where is Crotched Mountain?" His apprehension increased as everyone he asked, had never heard of it. The plan was still on. I called the nice lady who organized it and we were in. She, being a brilliant home school parent, sent me the instructions and included her photo, so upon arrival, we knew who had our tickets. I have a friend who loves me so much, she lent me her prized Oakley goggles and tons of goodies for my boys. She was just happy for me to be going. She set us up with her ski gear, we didn't even look too geeky. The day before our trip, I found out my buddy who I hadn't seen in much too long, was planning on going with her two kids. She lives a few hours away, so the few times we meet are always special. Now I'd have a friend in the lodge. Maybe? It turns out she was an awesome skier after her morning lesson, so we had a run together. 'Awesome' means you can make it down without injuring oneself or anyone else. More blessings... We drove up in the rain, arrived to overcast weather and drove back in snowy rain. Our day was perfect. Weather wise. We won't talk about my new role as the glove, boot, ski, goggle caddy.
I just feel so grateful for this day. Thankful for my family, my friends, the weather, and the safety of our day. In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. Psalm 94:5 N.I.V.
I am still in awe at my mighty God. ~TerriG


Linds said...

so fun! We're Dave Ramsey fans too!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great day. You are right about "waiting for the blessings".

Brian and Tina said...

I love this! God always knows the desires of our hearts, even before we do. He takes care of all the little things!