Saturday, March 27, 2010


I was tagged by Linds in a photo game, she being an amazing photographer, had an easy time with this. I on the other hand take one good picture out of 20, thought this could be hard. 

There is some weird genetic trait I carry that causes me to be a very follow the rules type of person. Unless of course, I can justify it with full confidence. This drives my husband batty because I will not bend the rules even for a five year old. O.k. I may be a little competitive, but you did forget to say Uno? O.k. a lot competitive.

Where was I? Tagged. I thought I was going to have to cheat a little. I was wrong. Basically, the rules are that you go to your pictures folder in your computer, and pick the 10th picture in the first folder, post the picture and the story behind the picture, and then tag 5 peeps. Easy enough right? Yes, it was just amazing that the picture was one in focus and somewhat blog worthy. So my picture is:

This photo was taken at a church picnic. We met at this great park for the day. Here Little Guy found a neat toy to play with and had the best time with it. I loved the way it even matched his outfit.
Now, I need to tag some more people.

If your picture isn't very interesting, make something up. Show some creative bent. Like perhaps if this picture was really terrible, I could describe the journey of the watermelon from the farm to the picnic. I spared you my weird fiction and I stumbled into a little kiddie worship. 
Have a great weekend,

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Unknown said...

This photo is soooo cute! You should crop it and enter it into PW's "green photos" assignment.

Lori Watson said...

Ooo, somehow I missed this earlier. I will have to move to a different computer to do this though. The photos on my netbook are all graphics for reviews. Nothing exciting there!