Monday, March 15, 2010

Math-U-See, I Saw Some More

I realized after reading my long-winded post about Math-U-See, I have left out some pertinent information. There really is so much to love about this program. I can't possibly fit it into one or two posts. Perhaps I need a Math-U-See, why I love you update page. But here are a few things I left out, I lied, here are 13 more reasons to love Math-U-See.

  1. My experience with Math-U-See began with Beta for one child and Gamma for the second. I do not have Math-U-See experience with Primer and Alpha. I think that is where the blocks are used daily. BennyG used them often in the earlier levels. Now they are used as toys.

  2. If you are teaching more than one child this is an excellent value. The manipulatives are used at different levels. After you have purchased the teacher pack and first student pack, you only need to purchase additional student kits. For example if you buy the Zeta teacher pack for $40.00 which includes the instructional dvd and the teachers manual. The student kit is $25.00. (it used to be $20 before they improved the binding) Two kids can be taught 1 level of math for $90. That is a great price.

  3. Math-U-See has a great resale value on used curriculum sites. It is easy to recoup your money if for some silly reason you didn't like it.

  4. My son who is in Algebra has reminded me numerous times: "Don't ever switch math programs again." Can you see the wounds from his early math?

  5. Throughout the videos, Mr. Demme often makes me laugh at his comments. His videos are not polished copies of a math class filled with experts. He puts out questions to the class and doesn't edit the wrong answers. This brings a reality to the math class. He has hidden gems and math tricks along the way.

  6. The customer service is tops! I received a book with some printing smudges and they mailed out a new one quickly. I found my representative to be personable and easy to reach.

  7. Math-U-See representatives are always at my homeschool convention. That is where I can see it, touch it and save on shipping.

  8. They have a program called Stewardship Math. This is Biblical hands-on consumer math. I have not used it yet, but I plan on making all of my kids do it.

  9. There is Math-U-See t.v. on the web site. This is a neat feature where Mr. Demme answers questions from homeschooling moms.

  10. Their online worksheet generator and math drills are great to reinforce the basic facts.

  11. There is a yahoo group that some of the sales representatives frequent. They answer all of the puzzling questions we moms have. We have them.

  12. Until my boys reached the higher levels at times they would not do all of the worksheets. If they knew the concept, they could test out of it. I am not the mean mother they think I am. I did not insist on doing every page.

  13. Now that they are in upper levels, I am noticing, they always need to do each page. I am cruel again and making them complete each page. I just remind them if they were in public school, they could not write in their books and they would have twice the work because they would have to copy each problem on a separate piece of paper. I am not as mean as they think.

Oh Dear! You thought you were at the blog of the obedient homeschoolers who never whined? I'm so sorry, that blog was removed when I was outed by Star Magazine. They caught my son hiding his writing notebook in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Please blot this from your memory if you are a new homschooling mom. My kids always smile as they do their work and they never bicker.

I may remember about 20 other reasons why I love Math-U-See, but this is again long-winded. In the words of the Gman "Did you get all your words out?" Don't count on it.

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If you didn't read enough words about Math-U-See click here.


groovyoldlady said...

I too love Math-U-See and will nevah, evah change math curriculum.

Your whole random paragraph by the clown face made me spew my coffee. I am the homeschooling mom of the perfect highschool student who copied his entire report on a WWll general off Wikipedia. He never thought I'd notice the sudden improvement in his writing style...

Can you say "Goose Egg"? Oh yes, I AM that mean!

Unknown said...

We recently switched to MUS after I realized my son was struggling with the traditional spiral methods. We love it!

Tammy said...

Love MUS here, too!! Been using it for years. We all love it!! And Mr. Demme can be quite comical. :)