Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lunch with a Giggle or Thrifty Thursday

Last Tuesday, I committed a mommy sin. An aggressive tightwad action. I walked past a stack of books at a thrift shop and didn't buy them. They were only a quarter each. I was feeling strong. BennyG heard the tale and with indignation decided to make things right. Armed with our library card and a computer, he was able to order just what his mommy missed. Good boy, you're learning. 

A tightwad checks out books and does not purchase them unless they absolutely must be owned. I can't explain why I personally own so many books, but let's just say, I am a homeschool mom. I am getting better at resisting book sales.

A tightwad cringes at the thought of handing a $20 bill to her local library. She learns to keep up with her renewals. She vows not to let it happen again. 

We got the mother load in on Monday. A stack of Garfield books. No, not the president. You know the lazy, overweight, rude kitty. As I am catching up on the blogs I enjoy, I hear giggle, giggle, giggle. "Mom, you have to see this one." A long quiet spell, this is weird. Giggle giggle, haha, giggle, giggle. I have to wonder at the warped sense of reality that is imparted to someone who digests 3 books of Garfield comics in one sitting. There is a reason the daily comics in the newspaper dole out a strip per day. One little dose at a time, chew slowly. Can an overdose could be harmful?

Remember years ago hearing "You are what you eat!"? This week there may be some lazy fat cats around the house. But I'm o.k. with that. I have grown to like cats. Even ornery ones.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Since homeschooling, I have again become that person who wanders the aisles of used bookstores trying to limit her selections to a reasonable number.

I LOVE Garfield! I remember when I was a kid, sitting in my Uncle's room reading his collection of Garfield books with great glee.