Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is confirmed, I am a winner!

Earlier I was pondering the mythical denim jumper gang. I almost blogged about them, but I had a blog interrupted moment. Lori, you read my mind.

I just noticed I was winner on one of my favorite blogs!!!! Really, I already was a winner just reading her fun blog. In fact, she is the hostess of the fun game I play on Fridays. Five Question Friday!!

This is straight off of MamaM.'s blog.......
My Little Life

Now, I have to take a moment to tell you about this blog. This blogger is a nurse with five kids. She has a gift for blogging. I just realized she is a new blogger, this is her first year. Wow, she really has found her gift in life, she's making it look too easy. Of course, I am feeling a little special that I actually won something from her site. Poke around her site and see some of her posts, better yet swing by on Friday and play five questions. I know I overused the word fun, but really it is a fun blog!

I'm feeling lucky, I may have to enter some more blog give aways.
Who has added to her birthday box!
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Linds said...

I saw that today and was so excited for you! I also saw that you grabbed my button-- thanks!

Linds said...

ps-- I have a giveaway ending tomorrow morning... it's for brownie and cookie mix, but also gives a $25 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation on behalf of the winner... if you have time you should check it out!

TerriG said...

Hey: I don't just grab anyone's button. I had it up earlier and tweaking this blog caused some to get lost in space. I'll check out the give away cause I'm feeling lucky!