Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Don't LOL, much.

I am not a big texter or user of internet abbreviations. I just feel that the English language is so filled with wonderful words to more accurately describe what the author is trying to say. LOL, BRB, and IMHO do make a point, quickly. BUT! If I was Al Gore and had invented the internet, it would be different. I would have instituted a different set of abbreviations. I would have chosen: AL=Audible Laugh, IWRSIIDGD=I will return soon if I don't get distracted, and IACAWIT=if anyone cared about what I think. This morning while reading Mama M, one of my favorite blogs, I giggled, laughed audibly and smiled at this one. More than once. This was lifted off shared from someone other blogger, while giving full credit where credit is due. I may not LOL, but I do laugh all the time. Probably often at the wrong times. I hope you LOL like I did. I'm off to wake the boys up to see this one. Enjoy the music, ~TerriG

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