Monday, March 1, 2010

Another good reason to blog

I love to scrapbook. I can prove it, I have the supplies. At a moments notice, I can find just the right color paper to mat that photo. I love to cut and paste. You know with an actual a pair of scissors. Who needs Photoshop when you can take a pair of scissors, cut out your body out of a picture and silhouette onto the page? I've dropped 3 sizes in 30 seconds. Now when it comes to pasting, my adhesive of choice right now is the tape rollers. I do like the glue dots for my kids. I cringe at the amount of wasted tape roller, before I discovered glue dots. I am a little overwhelmed busy with homeschooling so I have not ventured into digital scrapbooking yet. I plan on it, when things slow down. I think maybe in about 13 years. Perhaps by then, we will have the ability to think our scrapbook pages and they will just appear. Or maybe anything in print will be consider so "ungreen" and it all will be digital. I'll have scrapbooks on a Kindle. This blog is a nice way to share some pictures with my family who are reading this from far away. I promise not to fall into the child worship trap. Well, I'll try my best not to. I confess I did that with my first two boys because I had just obtained a new camera after each birth. I am so sorry to everyone who I tormented with my thousand pictures of my baby sleeping/smiling/sleeping/smiling/sleeping. You get the picture.
I will never forget this day.
It had just lightly snowed and Benny was really excited. He rushed outside and made this very homely but adorable snowman. They both have such personality.
Nine times out of ten, my kids are in some sort of headlock.
This is during one of our many trips to the Museum of Science. I am science phobic, so we visit as much as possible to compensate.
Notice the feelings are mutual.
Now thanks to my friend Vika, I sent this out for our Christmas photo this year.
There, that wasn't too worshipful was it? Thanks for stopping by, ~TerriG


Linds said...

Hi Terri! I gave your blog an award. You can check it out here:

Hen Jen said...

I love scrapbooking, but it has been more than a year since I sat down and worked on it, homeschooling takes up most of my time. The blog is my new hobby, really. I like sharing my photos there, too, since they don't appear in scrapbooks for now..

thanks for sharing, you have a lovely family!