Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday or I forgive you Dave

I have been thinking about what I want to say in my new blog. I thought since Wednesday is like a cool blog day off with Wordless Wednesday, Thursday could be devoted to thrift. Why? Because they both begin with the same th- sound. When poets use this method, it is called alliteration. When bloggers do it, it is called having a plan. A plan made by me is always subject to change for any reason, but it sounds like a good plan anyways.

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday..........Thanks for staying this long.

I enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey. He is a Christian financial guru that has gotten rich telling others how to get out of debt. The podcast of the first hour of his show is free. If you want to hear his whole show you have a variety of choices.
  1. You can move to an area with a larger market share where you can find his show on a local radio station. That is not an option for me, since I can't even sell my home to move 10 miles down the road, long story another blog.
  2. You can purchase an online subscription for $89.00 from his website. Now wouldn't that defeat the purpose of trying to be thrifty by paying to listen to the radio? Isn't Dave trying to tell us to stop spending money? I forgive you Dave for trying to get me addicted to your show. You know the old junkie trick, the first one's for free. I forgive.
  3. If you subscribe to xm radio(I LOVE XM) you can hear him on channel 165 from 12-3. I took this route because I happen to have a lifetime subscription, and I just learned that Dave was on there.
There are other things I need to forgive Dave for.......

How Dave Ramsey Ruined My Summer Vacation by TerriG

I was being so frugal. I resisted the purchase. I saved $17.99. I went to my local library and checked out Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. I thought this would make a nice read on the airplane. The bigger print, the personal testimonies of debt reduction, and the take charge plan to snowball this debt. It was a quick read, too quick. So fast that I had finished it by the time my plane landed in Phoenix.

I found my vacation plans were suddenly altered by a new consciousness of "WE CAN'T SPEND ANY MONEY!" This is no way to be on your first family trip in 5 years. I was gripped. I was in Arizona going to visit the Grand Canyon with my family. I had 3 kids with me and I couldn't even enjoy a meal in a restaurant. Let's not even think about the gift shop. Everything was considered an obstacle to starting of my emergency fund. "No, you can't buy that coffee mug, we can find one at a yard sale another time". We can't pay these vacation prices for anything. I was miserable. I loved the message, it's just the timing was all wrong. Just plain wrong.

I have forgiven Dave, I am actually a loyal fan. I recommend his latest version Financial Peace Revisited. I even made disciples, my son and my husband are listening. I look forward to the day when I can call him up on a Friday(he plans, too) and yell, "We're debt free!" For now, I have loosened up, we returned to the Grand Canyon, I have the mug to prove it.

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Lizzie said...

You are a wonderful writer! I loved this one. Thrifty Thursday, great idea. Missed you guys today, not another home schooler in the entire place.