Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Soapbox

I can't help myself, it hit a raw nerve with me. This morning, while listening to xm radio, to hear updates about the tsunami warning, I got sucked in to the story. I really don't want to blog about news or politics. I really am not looking for this kind of stuff. This is my blog. It's my family, my life, our home schooling, me saving money, seeing my God move, and my stuff.

But I can't help it. I also don't want to criticize or be negative. That may make successful talk radio, but good blogging, no. My vision of an ultimate blog entry,
mind you, it has only been three weeks since I first ever wrote a blog entry, is to uplift.

NO, I will not lie to you and tell you how skinny you are. I hope to write something you can ponder about, put to use, or at least giggle about. Like somewhere in my posts about thrift, you may learn something to make you richer than Bill Gates. You may learn something about homeschooling or at least get a peek into our methods. You may meet the men I am surrounded by and pray for us me.

Today, you may not be uplifted. In fact, you may get annoyed by the current state of our world. You may think, I am just too uptight. You may be patting yourself on the back and saying in a self-righteous tone. "This is one reason we home school."

I heard there is a middle school in Elwood, Indiana that is using a matchmaker survey to match up students
and raise money. The story goes that the students were given the chance to go online and fill out this out survey to match up compatible students. They paid 1 or 2 dollars to do this. It was used to raise money for the drama club. Some details off the web...

Despite Everett’s alleged phone calls to the school, the superintendent said he has not received any official complaints from parents. He claimed the survey is harmless, and has been raising money for the school for the past 15 years.

"I approved this fundraiser on February 1st, and I knew about the content of the survey, and it's just a good way for kids to have a little fun,” said Thomas Austin, superintendent of Elwood Community Schools. “It’s a voluntary survey.”

I don't understand!
Where do I start?

I understand that God has created male and female. I understand the rest of the country may not share my thoughts on courtship. I'm o.k. with that. God said "It is not good for man to be alone." But unless you have stayed back for 10 years in middle school, you ain't a man.
Why would they encourage these early relationships?
Isn't school a place for academic learning?
Was this the same survey being used for 15 years?
Did any other parent question this in the past 15 years?
Who planned this fundraiser?

Everywhere schools are facing budgets cuts. Is this the answer? I guess in my naivete, I thought how about a bake sale? Oh nevermind, I just heard those were banned because they are contributing to obesity, a much larger issue, forgive the pun, than
teenage promiscuity.

*************WARNING TMI AHEAD*******************

Which leads to this raw nerve of mine.

I thought of the hours, days, weeks and years I wasted, concerned about the boy/girl stuff as a pre-teen and teen. In my years before Christ, I was consumed with obtaining the approval of the man species. I am sick to my stomach thinking about it. The insecurity I had about myself, led to so much unnecessary heartache.

I graduated high school 5 months pregnant. Yeah, that's not so uplifting.

It is though...The responsibility of taking care of a baby, while still a baby myself brought about some amazing things.

I didn't know what I was doing. I was bumbling through motherhood. Clueless, unmarried, broke and broken. Never before were my weaknesses so apparent. I had a crash course in reality.
Reality stunk, babies put a damper on my friends. When you are a foolish teenager, babies are cute for a few minutes, then the fun fades, quickly.

I was brought to my knees. I gave my life to Christ.
"If any man be in Christ, He is a new creation."
God in his mercy, recreated me!
I was clean, I was equipped for this awesome task of motherhood.
I had a Bible and a new best friend. I knew the Creator of the Earth.

That was 23 years ago and I still marvel at it.

Thanks for stopping by.


Linds said...

wow.... what a story! As a new mom, I often wonder how people do it (that is, have babies at a young age and get through it alive). I am married, still young but definitely wiser than I was when I graduated high school, and there are days where I feel like I completely made the wrong decision in wanting kids. Ofcourse, those days are easily outweighed by the joy my little one brings to my life.
I also agree that our current school system is completely in shambles. As someone who was homeschooled through 9th grade and then graduated from a small private school, I feel that there is something that needs to be done to bond the extremes to find a common middle ground. Ofcourse, that throws politics in the mix, when is basically like throwing disease on raw meat... it eats it alive.

Hope you're able to blow off some of the steam! Have a happy weekend!

TerriG said...

Hi Linds: Thanks for the comment. I hear you about having kids when you are young. The benefit of young parents is you have the energy to keep up with them. Since my 4 boys are over a 20 year spread, I can see both sides to it. I am much more patient but less athletic, haha.

Brian and Tina said...

Very well said!