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Molly's Money-Saving Digest January 2010

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest:
Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize
January 2010

I read this monthly e-magazine by Molly Green in one sitting. I am a magazine lover, I love to handle them, I keep them in my car for stolen moments waiting for children. I am guilty of hoarding them. This is my first experience ever reading a magazine-e book style. After tweaking the page size and inadvertently scrolling to the end 12 times, I got the hang of it. Just the subtitle appealed to me. I love reading about organizing, I only slightly enjoy doing it.

favorite section was Beginning with the Basics, the homemaker mentor topic of pie making. It correctly assumed, I knew nothing of pie making. Yes, I have made my share of pies in my lifetime. I usually cheated and used a store bought crust just like my mom used to. Better yet, I prepared my all-time favorite no crust apple pie that you scoop blobs of a butter, sugar, egg, and flour mixture that miraculously becomes a crust. This 8 page article even had photos of each step, I was hooked. I tested the easy buttery press pie crust and yes, it was delicious even before I added the chocolate filling.
  • In Tips and Tools for Organization, the practical chart for budgeting is useful, I could have used it last week as I was doing my personal finances. The nice thing about the realistic forms is they include a spending log that matches up to your budget so you can actually evaluate/prioritize your numbers. One thing I would have done differently on these forms is not include too much color. The tightwad in me does not want to waste ink printing it. The clothing inventory form is one that I will use. She explains later on how to evaluate/prioritize and organize clothing. I could figure this out on my own, but it was the pep talk I needed.
  • Feather Your Nest Frugally has a great decorating idea that I actually have done myself. It was a craft that was simple and required no special skills.
  • The check writing lesson was one I personally don’t need, but I had just covered this with sons #2 and 3 in less detail. I plan on using this to review the concept and introduce the register. I like the fact that I can print the sample checks and a register as needed.
  • In the Kitchen with Molly contains menus for a week of dinners and even includes a time saving shopping list to prepare these simple low cost meals. The photos were appealing, the extra tips were great, but it wasn’t food my meat-eating, don’t-let-the-foods-touch gang would rush to the table for. I call it girl food a.k.a. healthy.
  • At the end of the book there are many links to the resources listed in each article. This is one benefit to the e-book, my magazines include no clicks no matter how close to my laptop I am.
The friendly writing style comforts and encourages. She closes her newsletter with a poem written at least 120 years ago, but is timeless advice.

". . . the first lesson to learn in the happy art of making home happy,
is to be content with simple
and common things.
The farther you go from the everyday paths of life in search of happiness,

the less likely you are to find it.
A thankful heart makes the best dinner, a pleasant voice is the
best music,
a kind look is a more beautiful picture than was ever painted by any masters, old or
These are things that all can command.
They can be had for the humblest home without
money and without price."1

Time, money and stuff. These are the 3 things we need to evaluate, prioritize, organize. Molly walks us through the process for each. Her tools and charts are the visual aids we need to implement our goals. Her monthly magazine may be just what you need to begin to take control of these areas in your life. Her love of thrift, natural ingredients and homemaking are already dear to my heart. This e-book would make a nice gift for a newlywed, a young women preparing for marriage, or an experienced homemaker looking for some fresh ideas. This 51 page e-book is published monthly by
It is available for $4.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store.

Disclaimer: This product was provided free of cost by Old Schoolhouse Publishing for purpose of review.

* 1. Echoes of Life or Beautiful Gems of Poetry and Song was published in 1891 by L.P. Miller and Company (Chicago, Philadelphia, and Stockton, CA) and edited by Mrs. Grace Townsend.

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Lori Watson said...

Honestly, I haven't been all that interested in these Molly e-zines but a few of these sound great. I think it's funny about wishing there was less color due to printing concerns. Being such a visual learner, color and "the look" of it is always so important to me. I wouldn't ever think about the ink, lol.