Monday, February 22, 2010

In-Laws, Sisters and Another Accident

I don't have any sisters or daughters.......Before you start feeling sorry for me and my state of testosterone-filled companions, don't. God has supplied my needs through another accident. Single girls, listen up........especially my nieces. Before you even think of getting married you need to know some important things about your intended...
  • Are they handy? Can they use common hand tools?
  • Do they like Chinese food?
  • Do they know God?
  • Can they balance their checkbook?
  • Is their family people you would not mind spending every major holiday with?
I'll admit, since I met Gman in church, I only knew the answer to one of these questions. My courtship with the Gman was anything but normal. In my ignorance, God was gracious. I had insanely said "yes" before really getting to know his family. This could have been disastrous, but once again I have been pleasantly surprised. I had only met his family one time, since I had become crazy about him. The first time I met them, Gman was not even on my radar screen. That meeting didn't count because I was unaware of Gman's potential. The next time was before the engagement and Gman was sick as a dog so I could not get a real reading on this crew. The next time, it was the day before our wedding. Of course, I was so preoccupied, again I didn't notice. I was unaware of who my new family was. After the dust settled, the honeymoon was over, I really met the Gman's side of the family. Wow, I had never had sisters, this is amazing, now 3 of them. They all have the capacity to speak 1000's of words in short conversations. His mom, too! We could go out for coffee and never come back. This is really neat. February is my birth month. In our home, this translates to me milking it for all it's worth. Be nice to me, let me pick everything, gifts and compliments flow all month, not just one day. Me, me and me. Hey, February is the shortest month, birthdays are too short, besides they conflict with other plans. This way no one misses the opportunity to celebrate. I went to the mailbox this morning. My sister-in-law and hopefully blog follower had sent the best card. Simply fabulous, with a scripture bookmark. She also sent a beautiful notepad set covered with butterflies. Even middle guy admired them. She didn't know my grandmother 'Nuna' loved butterflies. Every note and card from her had butterflies on it. She didn't know 'Nuna' died yesterday morning at 91 years old. She didn't know her small birthday gift would be a small healing balm for the sadness I felt today.
Nuna at 90 enjoying Daytona Beach
Goodbye Nuna.....I just made up a word to describe you.....My Glammother....I know Auntie C will agree. And thank you for the birthday gift, sister of the Gman.


Anonymous said...

I too have no sisters and no daughters!! How funny.

I am enjoying my relationship with my brothers wives, but cannot say the same about my husbands sister.

I think getting to know your in-laws is important, because you will spend the rest of your life interacting!

TerriG said...

I count myself so blessed. I did think of naming my blog drowning in men, but knew it could and would be taken the wrong way.

Shannon said...

i liked the part of your post with the butterfly theme the best. very sad to hear about your glammother, though...

i grew up with all girls-as you know- just my mom and heather. a very young half-brother and a half-dad were around the corner but didn't influence my life much.

when i started dating, i finally had a peek into the masculine. and when i married martin, i inherited three more sisters, which makes me all the more grateful for martin's handiness, practicality, and steadfastness- three things that might lack in a house full of estrogen, lipstick, and tampons! ;)

xx shannon