Saturday, February 13, 2010

He's getting better

The ultimate compliment I used to share with my sweetheart is "you're getting better". It didn't mean that things were horrible, it means that you were great and now you are awesome. This Valentine's Day our plans were really looking up. The G man has gotten so much better. Without any effort on my part, we had plans. The G man had set up a sitter and planned to take me to the night before Valentine's Day dinner theater this Saturday night at our church. The play "the Perfect Couple"and a delicious dinner. I could get over the fact that my 13 year-old would be working at the play as busboy. This still had potential to be"romantic night out". Until the scream......
It was about 11:00 a.m. I was cosily typing away by the fire in my favorite chair. "MOMMY, E.J. IS MAKING MY EAR HURT" Now this broken record(for those under 30, a scratched vinyl album repeats itself) went on for about 20 minutes. I tried to explain that it is not E.J. that is hurting him, it is just any noise, oh never mind. I realized this could be a long weekend. I called the pediatrician and they have changed their policy. They don't want to see ear aches for 24-48 hours, but the nurse could call me in a few minutes. I called Honey back, he ditched his work plans and was heading back home. If you check our doctors records, it will prove my children only get illnesses 1 hour before the office closes on a long holiday weekend. As the nurse calls back and the broken record is playing, she asks me if that is him. All of a sudden they can see him but please hurry because they are closing soon. I swear I did not pinch him as I was on the phone. Big daddy brought Little guy in and sure enough, a raging ear infection.
The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. Oh, I find myself repeating that often as plans always change. I spent my afternoon comforting a crying boy, changing bedding and watching a toddler(E.J. the alleged ear hurter). The screaming slowed down between naps.
G man called off the sitters. He drove MattyG to the play. Little guy woke up from another nap and informed me, "I'm all better now." And he was. So my date night is not. The G man however is still getting better after 18 years.


viktoria said...

Great post Terri! I hope your Little Guy is doing better.
I can't believe how close your story is to mine. We had to call Dr's office at 11.30 this past Saturday, the receptionist said, '' well, try getting here before 12.00''. You know we live all the way in Centerville so 11.58 our entire family running into the Doctor's Office as if they were going to shut those doors 12.00 PM sharp. I was grateful the doctor took a look at out sick little child to reassure us that she had a double ear infection :(.
Sorry for writing a short essay overhere not a comment, I'll try not to do it again.

TerriG said...

Thanks for the comment my long-winded pal, get your own blog.....I love all comments.