Saturday, February 13, 2010

Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler!

Whenever I go to the doctors office, I have the treat of reading People magazine on someone else's dime. In my cultural ignorance, I admit, I don't even know who most of these 'stars' are, but I still am fascinated by their lives. I felt that same eavesdropping feeling as I read Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler!. I am familiar with two of the 15 contributing authors, through a home school convention and training sessions. The other various families were 'stars' from all over the United States who have finished the race and launched their children into adulthood.
This e-book contains a variety of personal stories of successful families. Of course, there were some that reminded me of the infamous bragging Christmas letters. I put aside my envy of their musical accomplishments and really enjoyed my peek into their lives. The ones that I will go back to, are the practical ones with ideas to begin implementing today. They all are families that trusted in God, with the confidence that God will equip and direct them in this awesome responsibility. These families faced adversarial conditions: poverty, learning disabilities, infirmities, relocations and even rebellious children. The hope and confidence that these testimonies gave to me were a shot in the arm.
My personal top 3 favorite stories were:
    • A Tale of Two Sisters by by Regenia Spoerndle: A mother details the direction she went with her two daughters throughout their homeschooling years. I loved the candidness of her story. I could relate to the vast differences between her two children. She continually brought her needs to God and He was faithful to direct her family.
    • How Far Can You Go? High School? College? by Phyllis Sather: The story of this family is one of flexibility. They fit their schooling around their doctor visits, apprenticeships and ran with things that worked well. She continued to get back to the Bible in her teaching and reassessing her plans.
    • The Greatest Gift by Danielle Olander: This was the ultimate 'People' experience. A kid who was home schooled who went on the carry on the family tradition to teach her own 4 children. Her family had losses, yet she thrived. I laughed at her story.
    I'll never forget going to my first MassHOPE home schooling conference. My boys were only in kindergarten and first grade. One of the highlights was seeing a graduate recognition ceremony. I didn't know one single student, but I was beaming with pride at their accomplishments. It's a great idea to attend one of these graduations. If you cannot, consider purchasing this e-book. This is like "the rest of the story".
    The Old Schoolhouse carries many E-Books on the topic of high schooling. This e-book was an easy read(I knew all the words!), contained links to many resources, and is written from a strong Biblical world view. The numerous routes each family took helped me to think 'outside the box' in our planning for next year and beyond. It is available at The Old Schoolhouse Store for $12.45. This is and all of the Old Schoolhouse downloadable E-books come with a money back guarantee.
    *This E-Book was provided at no cost by the publisher for purpose of review.*


    Lori Watson said...

    I recognize a couple of those names from the Crew! Sounds like an interesting e-book. Even though I have graduated one and am getting ready to graduate the second, I don't feel like I'm at the point of giving anyone else advice for a few more years, lol.

    TerriG said...

    I hear you, perhaps when they are all 30 years old and up.

    Gladys K. Hunt said...

    These books are really superb.
    I am really interested with your desire in homeschooling your child as I myself is considering this as well. More than focusing on your child's mental growth, homeschooling just continues to strengthen home grown values to a child which is somehow gets into conflict in the outside; a person doesn't only have to have a big brain a big heart is as well which can be taught when you are home schooling your child