Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From my head to my keyboard......

1.frank; outspoken; open and sincere: a candid critic.
2.free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge; straightforward: a candid opinion.
3.informal; unposed: a candid photo.
4.honest; impartial: a candid mind.
5.Archaic. white.
6.Archaic. clear; pure.
I love to read blogs......I have a few favorites. When I learn how
to format my blog, I will post them. I am always amazed at the candidness of the writers. Take Ree Drummond. I was probably
the last person on the internet to discover the Pioneer Woman.
The first day I spent 4 hours reading her stories. I felt like I knew her personally. She loves her new shoes. She encouraged me in my teaching, I met a new homeschool buddy. Then I moved over to her recipe section. I read and drooled over so many yummy dinners and delicious starches. Oh no, it was 5:30 and I had not even thought about what these real live guys here were going to eat. Could I just show them the pictures of dinner?
I quickly threw together something that would not make it on a blog and pretended(a.k.a.posed) I planned it all along.
Can I blog with such an attitude that opens oneself up to the opinions of others? I like the term unposed. Since Poser is such
a common insult with the under 20 set, I'll try my best not to
be one.

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