Monday, May 30, 2011

Kahn Academy: Free Online Classes

It seems like I am always the last to find out about so many excellent resources. Perhaps one person who reads my blog, will be introduced this most excellent site. Below is an overview of the Kahn Academy.

Random and Paperboy will be spending time this summer on this site. Since Random has discovered he loves online learning, thanks to Ten Marks, he was excited when I shared this with him. I like the idea of short videos, they are 10 to 20 minutes long. Just enough time for the brain to absorb the concept, but not to start the eyes glazing. I'm learning about the banking system and I haven't dozed yet.

This is not just videos, there is an area on the website where student can practice concepts, receive badges, while being tracked by their coach, me. As the coach, I can even see exactly which problems they struggled with, needed more help, and how much time they spent on it. Knowing exactly at what point in the math lesson the student begins to struggle, is invaluable as their teacher.

The instructor Sal Kahn began Kahn Academy, accidentally, by tutoring his cousins. He created videos to enhance his lessons, posted them on YouTube and it grew into an amazing library of instruction. He realized there was a need for this type instruction. Now he shares all of his lesson for free at his website. His story is incredibly inspiring.

One thing that really impressed me is the equipment he uses to produce these videos only cost him $280. The potential to help others is priceless.

Let me know what you think of his tutoring. So far, I love it. In case you are wondering, this isn't a paid review. It's just a really great website that you need to know about.

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Mike K said...

I just started a blog that I would love you to look at and tell me what you think
I have put together a daily blog intended to be used as an additional study tool for you and your child. History, math, science, vocabulary, and geography are given every day many with a link to the document to study. I also have researched sources that I hope may be helpful to you as an aide for your child. The site is actually very child friendly in terms of use.
I ask you to visit it and see what it has to offer. The first post “The Furniture of the Human Mind” will explain the site and hopefully you will look around.
Thank You

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