Sunday, March 6, 2011

Must. See. Do. Not. Miss. DVD.

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This Christmas, Little Guy was thrilled to get the first three episodes of the  "What's in the Bible?". These movies, created by Phil Vischer, were a blessing to our whole family.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these movies. The first time I snuggled with Little Guy and watched, I knew we were starting a tradition. My litmus test for a good movie is: Can I stay awake for it? This series passed with flying colors. I am looking forward to buying episode #4 for Little Guy's birthday. These are movies to own, not rent.

The first episode  "In the beginning" covers what's in the Bible and who wrote the Bible. The second episode teaches how we got the Bible and salvation. The third one, my favorite, tells about the rules(Levitical law), and explains the Pentateuch.

These movies have inspired my Little Guy to read his Bible. He has been fascinated with the books of the Bible since watching these over and over. I find him reading his Bible and studying the books of the Bible on his own. He sings about the Bible while we are in the car. He has a little notebook which he has started his notes. When he is older, he will have to forgive me for posting his adorable writings.

I just love the creative spelling. And I love the idea of my boy reading the Bible. Phil Vischer has made the Bible so approachable for Little Guy.

I was a huge fan of the Muppet show as a child. What's in the Bible is presented like a variety show with a similar style. The answers to so many questions are addressed with such an assortment of characters. The songs are catchy and hilarious. The kid in the mini van could be one of my own. The pastor even has the same name as my own pastor.

The Gman loved the character Ian because he appeared to be stupid, but asked some pointed questions. We both loved the way they dealt with the question about laws. I added a clip below of one of my favorite scenes.

I have to admit, I learned a few things about Bible history from Sunday School Lady. If you are not convinced, stop by their website. They have clips of the different episodes, games for the kids at JellyTelly and even a curriculum that goes along with the shows.

I was not compensated to talk about this series, I just fell in love with them. If the What's in the Bible folks see this and want me to review their next episodes, I will gladly accept.

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Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Thank you for sharing these videos! I look forward to finding one near me. ;)

Crissyanna said...

I've been wanting to see these for awhile. Guess I know what I'm working into the budget now ;-)

Shell said...

Oh, what great videos!

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