Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Food Police, Green Jello and the Hangover

My 13 year-old is really into Old Time Radio. He is even persuaded by the old commercials. While shopping yesterday, he begged me to buy some green jello. Not only did I cave, but I bought the large package. Green Goodness? After dinner he was very excited to make his green goodness. I, the official food police, was aiding and abetting this crime. The smell of chemicals hit me as he dumped the sugar powder mix into the bowl. It should have been the warning for me. Since Jello takes 3 hours to chill, I had forgotten all about the smell. We topped this off with fresh whipped cream. I couldn't resist. I enjoyed every bit of this. Oh the memories of the school cafeteria flooded back to me. What a delicious treat....until the headache set in. OOOOOOHH!!!! sharp ouch stop that!! Get out of my brain, that hurts me!!!! I have never had a migraine but I bet this one could have been classified as one. My dear friends know how obsessive I am about food. I have this feeling they think I am a nut case, but they love me enough to tolerate my quirky food obsessions. A while back, I started my then 4 year-old on this diet and have been amazed at the difference in our lives. Feingold eliminates naturally occurring salicylates and artificial additives. This is not a health food diet, we still enjoy guilty pleasures such as ice cream, corn chips and chocolate. That would be setting myself up for failure if we couldn't indulge. We just eat junk food minus the chemicals. Why did I think after months of wholesome yummy junk foods, I would not be affected by such backsliding as green jello? I finally fell asleep to the pain at around midnight. I woke up at 7:30 and rolled back to sleep until 9:30 a.m. I have not slept that late since I was a teenager. I haven't had a hangover for over 20 years. Will I repeat the overindulging again? No way, unless of course, it includes some serious chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I sometimes do things like this not even thinking of the consequences - and always pay.

Nice blog - Melodie from FGHomeschooling

TerriG said...

Melodie-Thanks for visiting. I hope to have some more FG and HS posts.

viktoria said...

Nice picture! did you take it? Sorry about the headache by the way.

LucisMomma said...

Terri--good post! I'll be back to look at more later on today or tomorrow (Wednesdays for us are crazy busy). Loved this in your profile: "Being the female species, surrounded by males, I have this inherent need to get some more words out. " funny woman!

susan w from FG BB and HS yahoo group

TerriG said...

Thanks Susan for visiting.

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